In this program, we are going to make a c++ program to check prime numbers using for loop and then we also make this program using recursion.

How do you find a prime number in a for loop C++?

We will simply start our for loop from 2 to √n (given number), and check if the given number is divisible by them or not.

If a number is divisible by any number between 2 to √n, then the given number “n” is not a prime number. If the given number is not divisible by them, then the given number is a prime number.

Prime Number Program in Cpp using for loop

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Prime Number Program in Cpp

using namespace std;
bool isPrime(int n){
for(int i=2;i*i<=n;i++){
return false;
return true;
int main() {
// Write C++ code here
int n;
cout<<n<<" is a Prime Number"<<endl;
cout<<n<<" is not a Prime Number"<<endl;

return 0;
Output: 56
56 is not a Prime Number

Time complexity: O(sqrt(n))

Prime Number Program in C++ using Recursion

In this program, we will check a number whether it is a prime number or not using recursion.

Steps for Recursion:

  1. Base Case: if i*i is greater than n, then return true.
  2. Induction step: if n is divisible by i, then return false.
bool isPrime(int n,int i=2){
return true;

return false;

return isPrime(n,i+1);